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Procedures to become recognized as an ISASI Student Chapter

  1. Indication of student interest by student(s) or faculty member of any institution to ISASI or to any ISASI member who forwards it to ISASI Headquarters through any Regional or National Society.
  2. If the indication of interest is not sent by an existing ISASI member, ISASI will solicit a Full-Member who resides in the general vicinity of the institution to contact the student(s). This would preferably be a chapter or regional officer in the society.
  3. An ISASI representative will contact the student/faculty member and assist them in setting up an introductory meeting for students and faculty.
  4. Formulation of a meeting to express interest in which an ISASI member will present an overview of the society and the essentials for forming a student chapter. At this meeting the requirements for recognition and membership, the Rudy Kapustin Scholarship and the international by-laws would be discussed. The Application for Recognition as a Student Chapter will be available as well as corporate and student applications. Any faculty member may act as interim advisor unless a faculty member advisor is designated. If the institution allows, the Advisor may be a non-faculty ISASI Member who is willing to hold that responsibility.
  5. The faculty advisor is eligible to become an individual member of ISASI. Their membership status will depend on their individual qualifications. Without individual qualifications, the advisor would become an Affiliate Member. If the University becomes a Corporate Member the designated advisor may be identified as the Corporate Representative.
  6. After the faculty advisor is identified and at least three (3) student members who are existing student members, or prospective student members (unless the academic institution requires more for a recognized student society), the student group requests recognition from the academic institution to be associated with the student chapter.
  7. Communication of the willingness of the institution to recognize the chapter, the assignment of a faculty advisor, the completed Student Chapter Application and the identification of a minimum of three (3) existing (or the applications from prospective) student members is sent to ISASI Headquarters through any Regional or National Society, requesting recognition by the International Society.
  8. ISASI will review the application and its supporting documentation and, if all is in order, will recognize the student chapter on probation status for a period of two years. Probation status is to allow the chapter to grow and for the membership to identify individuals who will hold the officer positions. Note: Applications for Student Membership submitted with the Student Chapter Application will be reviewed on their own merit and individual membership is decided separately.
  9. The student chapter has two years of Probation status to gain membership and elect officers. Officers may be elected as soon after formation as feasible and after the student organization has been accepted on campus. Once officers are elected the names of those elected are submitted to ISASI, whereupon the Student Chapter is recognized in a Conditional Status.
  10. It is desired that the institution becomes a corporate member. If the University does not desire Corporate membership, the student chapter stays on conditional status for two year increments. If and when the institution becomes a Corporate member, the student chapter gains permanent status. A student chapter may continue under conditional status indefinitely as long as the other procedures have been accomplished.

Click here to download the Student Chapter Application Form.

Click here to access a membership application for yourself.

Your application for recognition of a Student Chapter in ISASI is cordially invited.
Correspondence should be directed to:

International Society of Air Safety Investigators
107 E. Holly Avenue
Suite 11
Sterling, VA 20164

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