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President Frank Del Gandio presents corporate membership plaque to Tatang Kurniadi. President Frank Del Gandio, right, presents corporate membership plaque to Tatang Kurniadi, corporate safety representative of Lien Mentari Airlines PI, during ceremonies at ISASI 2013, Vancouver BC, Canada

An Air Safety Investigator who is, or has been primarily engaged in the investigation of aircraft accidents/incidents or conducted accident prevention activities designed to identify, analyze, eliminate or control aviation hazards before they result in accidents or incidents. They may be representatives from aircraft manufacturers, air carriers, government agencies, the military, or members of other aviation professional groups. To be eligible for full membership one must have three (3) years of experience in an aviation safety position involving aircraft accident investigation or prevention. An affidavit signed by a military applicant's supervisor will be considered when the investigations or experience may be classified. Aircraft accident litigation is not qualifying experience for this classification membership.

An Air Safety Investigator who is, or has been actively engaged in aircraft accident investigation or prevention activities, but who at this time fails to meet the requirements of FULL Membership outlined above shall be eligible for consideration for ASSOCIATE membership in The International Society of Air Safety Investigators. Aircraft accident litigation is not qualifying experience for this classification of membership.

Any person who is enrolled as a student in an accredited institution at the baccalaureate level or above, and is sponsored for membership by a faculty member of that institution, or by an ISASI member of any class shall be eligible for consideration as a Student Member. Eligibility expires when the person is no longer enrolled as a student or upon completion of the degree program.

ISASI recognizes special achievements in the aviation safety and accident investigation field with two member classes:
A senior membership class, established to recognize extraordinary professional achievement & contribution to ISASI, is conferred by election.
Any person, not a member of ISASI, who has made an outstanding contribution to aviation safety or accident investigation.

Additionally, Members or Corporate Members whose initial membership date in ISASI predates June 30, 1965 are CHARTER MEMBERS of the Society.

Members who are seventy-five (75) years of age and have been members for at least ten (10) consecutive years may apply for and be granted LIFE MEMBER status.

ISASI Life Member Application.

Your application for membership in ISASI is cordially invited.

In the event that you are unable to fill out the online application form, please contact our ISASI Office Manager, Ann Schull, at

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