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The International Society of Air Safety Investigators is a non-profit organization comprising individual and corporate members dedicated to improving air safety through accident investigation. Based in the United States but having a truly international membership, the Society is dedicated to improving international accident investigation and sharing knowledge and information on air safety. Individual and corporate members represent major aircraft manufacturers, government investigation agencies, labor unions, military services, safety organizations and private industry.

For many years, one of the main activities of the Society has been its annual Seminar held in various locations around the world and attended by about 300 experts annually. The seminar provides a forum to update one's knowledge while sharing experiences with international colleagues. However, more recently, the Society was concerned that the opportunity to reach a broader community and provide support in other areas of the world was being missed. To fill this void, ISASI initiated the "Reachout Workshop Program".

The Reachout Concept

The Reachout concept is simple - to provide high quality, inexpensive training opportunities to individuals and organizations that may be unable to attend university level courses or industry seminars and to introduce ISASI in areas of the world where gains in accident investigation prevention may be achieved. The program is designed to attract aviation professionals who may not be able to access formal training courses because of costs, or length and location of those courses.

The underlying principle of ISASI Reachout is to respond to the needs of the particular location of the workshop. ISASI advertises the availability of the Reachout program through a variety of means. The program is developed following a specific request from local organizers and presented by volunteer instructors. The workshop is designed to be a structured training workshop.

Unlike a typical seminar program, ISASI does not include a call for papers and an agenda filled with a variety of speakers. The workshop is developed following a specific request from local organizers and presented by ISASI volunteer instructors. It is designed to be a structured training workshop. The workshops may be supported by ISASI corporate members or local sponsors providing air travel and accommodation for the instructors. There usually are no registration fees, and no social program to add cost; instructors are not paid for their time but do expect to receive daily per diem. Instructors are responsible for preparing their own lesson plans, their own handout material and providing a full range of services to those attending the workshops.

The Training Instructors

With over 1500 individual members representing the world's top experts in accident investigation and aviation safety, ISASI has no shortage of experienced instructors. The Society believes it can provide expertise on virtually any subject and deliver a tailor-made workshop to any area of the globe.

Following a specific request for a workshop, the ISASI Reachout Committee discusses options with the host and identifies individual ISASI members who have displayed a technical knowledge of the subjects to be taught and who have a track record of successful teaching. For the most part, members selected to participate in Reachout will have some form of formal teaching training.

Reachout Objectives

Hosting a Reachout Workshop

If you are interested in arranging a Reachout Workshop in your area, country, organization or locale, contact ISASI Headquarters or Glenn Jones, Chair of the ISASI Reachout Committee.

Contact Information:

The International Society of Air Safety Investigators
Park Center
107 East Holly Avenue, Suite 11
Sterling, VA 20164 USA
Phone (703) 430-9668
FAX (703) 430-4970

ISASI Reachout Committee

Mr. Glenn Jones
10-12 Abbeygrace Court
Caboolture, Qld. 4510 Australia
Tel/Fax: +61 (0) 7 54992796
Mobile: +61 (0) 431452939
Skype: Glenn.William.Jones

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