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The purpose of the Jerome F. Lederer Award is to recognize outstanding contributions to technical excellence in accident investigation. The Award is presented each year during the annual seminar to a recipient who is recognized for positive advancements in the art and science of air safety investigation.

The nomination process permits any member of ISASI to submit a nomination.

The nominee may be an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization. The nominee is not required to be an ISASI member.

The nomination may be for a single event, a series of events, or a lifetime of achievement.

The ISASI Awards Committee considers such traits as duration and persistence, standing among peers, manner and techniques of operating, and of course, achievements.

Once nominated, a nominee is considered for the next 3 years and then dropped. After an intervening year, the candidate may be nominated for another 3 years.

The nomination letter for the Lederer Award should be limited to a single page.

This Award is one of the most significant honors an accident investigator can receive; therefore, considerable care is given in determining the recipient. ISASI members should thoughtfully review their Association with professional investigators, and submit a nomination when they identify someone who has been outstanding in increasing the technical quality of accident investigation.

Nominations should be mailed, or e-mailed to the ISASI office or directly to the Awards Committee chair, Gale Braden, 13805 Edmond Gardens Drive, Edmond, OK 73013-7064, E-mail; Nominations must be received by May 30th each year.

Click Here to download the Nomination Form

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