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Jerry Lederer

The Jerome F. Lederer Award is presented annually by the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) for outstanding lifetime contributions to technical excellence in furthering aviation accident investigation and achieving ISASI objectives, including enhancing aviation safety through the continuing development of investigation techniques.

The award was created to honor Jerome F. Lederer, whose recognition as a leader in the world of aviation safety since its infancy earned him the title of “Father of Aviation Safety.” He was bestowed this title by Congress in 1997. He served as the second President of ISASI and was later granted the title of President Emeritus, which he held until his death in 2004 at the age of 101 years.

Any member of ISASI may submit an award nomination to the 12-person selection committee, which considers such traits as persistence, standing among peers, manner and techniques of operating, and achievements. Nominations for the Lederer Award are limited to a single page submission. Nominees not receiving the award are reconsidered for three years, and may be nominated again after an intervening year.

Nomination statements should emphasis an original and remarkable contribution and personal effort beyond normal duty requirements. The award may be given to an individual, group or organization, and may recognize a single event, series of events, or lifetime achievement. The nominee does not have to be an ISASI member.

Guidance for nominations can be found in a quote from one of the selection committee chair. "The Lederer Award is one of the most significant honors an accident investigator can receive; therefore, considerable care is given in determining the recipient. Each ISASI member should thoughtfully review his or her association with professional investigators and submit a nomination when they identify someone who has been outstanding in increasing the technical quality of accident investigation."

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