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The Award of Excellence for Best Seminar Paper was established during the September 2005 International Council Meeting and was first awarded in 2006. The award was sponsored by an anonymous donation from an ISASI member wishing to acknowledge a paper making an outstanding contribution to the advancement of technical methodologies in aircraft accident investigation. The Award of Excellence for Best Seminar Paper is judged on applicability to the seminar theme, graphic support of the paper, and oral presentation within allotted time and comes with recognition plaque.


2022 Award
From See-And-Avoid to Detect-And-Avoid: Learnings From A Mid-Air Collision Investigation
Michael Dawes and Nathalie Boston, Australian Transport Safety Bureau

2021 Award
Citation Latitude Case Study
Mr. Peter J. Basile, Textron Aviation

2019 Award
Comparisons & Lessons Learned from the UA232 Sioux City & AA383 Chicago Uncontained Events
David Chapel and Daniel Kemme, GE Aviation

2018 Award
The EC 225 LP accident near Turøy in Norway
Kåre Halvorsen and Tor Nørstegård (AIBN)

2017 Award
Managing a Complex Aircraft Systems Investigation
Barry Holt, Western Region Senior Technical Investigator, Transportation Safety Board of Canada and David Fisher, Manager, Air Safety Investigations, Commercial Aircraft, Bombardier Air Safety Investigation

2016 Award
Using a Drone and Photogrammetry Software to Create Orthomosaic Images and 3D Models of Aircraft Accident Sites
Stuart Hawkins, UK AAIB

2015 Award
Divorcing the Regulator: The Establishment of an Independent Investigative Authority
Capt. Ibrahim S. Koshy, Director General Aviation Investigation Bureau (AIB) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2014 Award
Safety Management: Reversing the False Glide Slope Myth
Kas Beaumkes, Michiel Schuurman, Dutch Safety Board

2013 Award
Learning From and Preparing for Traditional Airline Investigations While Transitioning to SMS Risk-Based Investigation Processes
Timothy Logan and Dennis Post, Southwest Airlines

2012 Award
Learning from Past Experiences
Captain Harry Nelson

2011 Award
AF447 Underwater Search and Recovery Operations A Shared Government-Industry Process
By Olivier Ferrante (BEA), Michael Kutzleb (Phoenix International), and Michael Purcell (WHOI)

2010 Award—ISASI 2010 Sapporo, Japan—ISASI Forum 2010 Oct/Dec issue, page 18
Close Cooperation in Investigations Has Improved Technical Partnership
By Dr. Guan Wen-Lin, Director of the investigation lab, Aviation Safety Council, Taiwan, and Christophe Menez, Head of the Engineering Department., Bureau d`Enquêtes et d`Analyses, France

2009 Award—ISASI 2009 Orlando, Florida—ISASI Forum 2009 Oct/Dec issue, page 20
Closing the Loop on the System Safety Process: The Human Factors Intervention Matrix (HFIX)
By Dr. Scott Shappell, Professor, Clemson University, Clemson, S.C. and Dr. Douglas Wiegmann, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisc.

2008 Award—ISASI 2008 Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada—ISASI Forum 2009 Jan/Mar issue, page 6
DHC–6 Twin Otter Accident off the Coast of Moorea, French Polynesia
By Alain Bouillard, Investigator–in–Charge, Special Advisor to the BEA (Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses pour la Sécurité de l'Aviation civile) and Arnaud Desjardin, Safety Investigator, BEA Engineering Department

2007 Award—ISASI 2007 Singapore—ISASI Forum 2007 Oct/Dec issue, page 4
International Cooperation and Challenges: Understanding Cross-cultural Issues
By Wen–Chin Li, Hong–Tsu Young, Thomas Wang, and Don Harris, Alain Bouillard and Arnaud Desjardin

2006 Award—ISASI 2006 Cancun, Mexico—ISASI Forum 2007 Jan/Mar issue, page 4
Appling Learned Investigation Lessons Anew
By Stéphane Corcos and Alain Agnesetti, BEA
(Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses pour la Sécurité de l'Aviation Civile)

2005 Award—ISASI 2005 Fort Worth, Texas
Wet Runway Operations
By Capt. Mohan Ranganathan

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