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1. About You

You are a person with an involvement in aviation and dedicated to an improvement in aviation safety. Your membership would indicate to a worldwide audience of safety professionals, and the aviation community that you support, that you are committed to the enhancement of aircraft accident investigation and a reduction of aircraft accident rates.

2. About ISASI

ISASI is the only organization specifically created for the air safety investigator and/or the aircraft accident prevention professional. Our motto is "Air Safety Through Investigation." We are a growing, dynamic organization with a full range of membership benefits.

3. Why Join?

There are several reasons that an individual should join ISASI. These include activities, education, services, and networking!

  1. The annual ISASI Seminar has become a focal point for aviation safety professionals throughout the world. Attendance has steadily grown and the presentations are meaningful and state–of–the–art. These gatherings have a full day of specific safety oriented tutorials and three days of multi-faceted presentations by internationally renowned experts. The annual membership meeting is held at each seminar to update attendees on the status of the society.
  2. The Reachout Workshop Program was instituted to provide low-cost, subject-oriented, and locally sponsored seminars to a broader international community. The first Reachout Workshop held in May of 2001 in Prague, Czech Republic, was an unqualified success in attendance and content, and the dozens of subsequent workshops held since have been equally successful. These workshops provide our members with a unique opportunity to directly affect safety in areas where it will have the greatest return.
  3. The ISASI official publication, FORUM is a first-class magazine, published four times a year. The publication contains information and articles concerning the latest in accident investigation.
  4. The ISASI Rudolf Kapustin Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2002 to provide eligible college students with a $2000 grant to attend our annual seminars. Our grantees have been unanimous in their praise for the program and many are now gainfully employed in the industry.
  5. The Student Mentoring Program is an opportunity for you to establish a link with university students interested in an aviation safety career. Its purpose is to guide them to ensure the future health of our discipline.
  6. Our corporate and individual members represent 70 countries and are a diverse group working in all facets of the industry worldwide. This presents a unique opportunity and access for personal and on-line networking.
  7. Membership in ISASI is a visible acknowledgement of your status as an air safety professional.

New applicants may apply for one of three member classes, depending on experience; Member; Associate; or Student. Applications are available under the Memberships tab.

ISASI is the place for those dedicated to improving aircraft accident investigation safety and aviation safety.

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